Your all-in-one platform for data-driven decisions

Datapply merges data science and business analysis in a library of ready for use, industry-specific use-cases.

Automatically ingest and combine data across on-prem and cloud systems

Pre-built APIs for Salesforce, SAP, Oracle SQL and others

We take care of all ETLs and wrangling

Swap in any Data prep tool you like

Industry specific master data models

AI powered enriching and matching

Columnar database and in-database analytics

Transparent data catalogue and lineage

Library of industry-verified metrics, KPIs and indexes

Map internal KPI definitions and discover industry best practice suggestions

Library of key industry use cases and algorithms - Customer360, LTV, Cost optimization trackers, etc

Ability to add any additional use case as per your specific business needs

Pre-trained industry specific ML models

Built-in connectors to key AI platforms

Ability to build any additional ML model you need

Swap in the AI platform you use, or let us select the best for your needs

Pre-built key decisions and models per industry and use case

Cross-functional inputs, alignment and collaboration dashboards

Decisioning lifecycle – simulations, optimization and scenario analysis  

Decision logging, supporting corporate governance and lessons learnt

Smart visualizations on Looker, Tableau and PowerBI. Swap in any BI platform

Self-service BI and no-coding ML simulations

Pre-built forecasting and continuous planning. Exporting to excel available

Board-room performance management with interactive drill-downs


Ready to plug-in domain-specific libraries


AI-driven insights so you know sooner

Cloud Native

Scalable, Powerful, Real-time, Modular and Efficient


Swap in your flavour of ML, BI or Data Prep tool

More Features

Secured access

User roles and rights for your data, ensuring user experience and data security


Conversational collaboration, empowering cross-functional alignment

Persona-based views

Advanced analytical power, personalised to each employee and his role

Augmented consumer

Dynamic data storytelling, augmented for the context of the Board room

Sound complicated and hard? Datapply makes it modular and easy to master.

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