We believe that expertise and innovation have to be applied in specific ready-to-use solutions that solve business problems with low time-to-value and unquestionable return-on-investment.

To achieve this, we combine years of industry hands-on experience and the latest in technology.


Empower people on all organisational levels to make better decisions by giving them access to the latest intersection of data technology and business domain applications.


Speed up the adoption of data analytics & data science for democratising value creation, by offering a simple to use platform with pre-built domain expertise and open to onboard other tools.

Leadership Team

Stoyanka Stylianaki

business problems, enetrprise value

C-level executive with 20+ years Telco Enterprise Strategy, FinOps, and Digital Transformation.

Focus on Value Management & Systems Implementation. Deep understanding of the key business problems and monetization strategies.

Lucian Cioranu

Machine Learning, Product owner

ML and MLOps, Enterprise Projects, Former IBM Watson, Machine Learning and SPSS

20+ years of experience in large distributed cloud applications, specialized on Big Data, Data Analytics, Machine learning and AI.  

Savvas Pericleuos

Algorithms, Decision Intelligence

MASt inMathematics., Cambridge University and PhD Computer Science, University ofBath.

Expertise in Computational Intelligence, with strong focus on Multi-Objective and Combinatorial Optimization. Leading the ML team.

Mircea Petrescu

Data SOURCE, Business Dev

Data Sources and Wholesale commercial strategy in Deutsche Telekom and MTN Group

Project Management expertise in implementation of tools and systems involving cross functional cooperation between the company’s departments.

Advisory Board

Philip Van Dalsen

Strategy, Telecoms, CEO MTN, Digicel, CelPlay

Alexis Piperides


Harris Papadopoulos

PhD in Machine Learning, RoyalHolloway University

Geert Declerck

Investment Banking, Portfolio management

Our Values

Democratise data

More data, more people, better decisions

Agility and simplicity

Quick to get started, quicker to learn

Problem solving

Practical approach to business problems


Empowering adoption of innovation

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