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Retail Sector

Start with connecting the data from all your systems and customer interactions. Enrich clients' profiles with habits, preferences and relations. Use AI to discover unexpected drivers.

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Focus on optimising customer experience to maximise average purchase ticket and return rate. We help you analyse your most valuable customers and optimise your supply chain.

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HR Analytics

HR analytics spans amongst all industries. It involves measuring Diversity, Skills & Capabilities, Continuous Learning & Succession, Compliance & Ethics. See how to comply to ISO and other regulations.

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Tune in on Customer Experience management. Use the power of AI to proactively anticipate customer needs and problems. Leverage our library of industry specific use cases and ML models.

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Test & Innovate

You are not sure where to start from? You are worried about limited resources to handle both “change” and “business as usual”?
Use Datapply to start small and test your progress in any field.

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